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Dealing with Blocked toilet Dagenham

When the toilet gets clogged, it is a very annoying and unexpected problem. Luckily, the clogs can now be cleared without having to pay a fortune. In fact, you can do it yourself with a good large plunger. A homemade drain cleaner can also make a great natural cleaner without any chemicals. Simply use a water solution with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. If the clog is deep, you can snake the dry vacuum inside to do the task.Here are some useful steps to follow when dealing with a blocked toilet Dagenham using a plunger.1. Keep the water from overflowingIf the toilet overflows, you should stop flushing it because it would create more water. Take off the toilet tanks lid and close the flapper. This way, it prevents the water from getting in the bowl. The flapper is a circular shaped stopper that is attached to a chain. You should easily find this. The water inside the tank is clean because it comes from the pipe, so its okay to use your bare hands when closing the flapper. 2. Place newspaper or paper towel on the floorIts better safe than sorry. Prep your bathroom as this process may cause water to splash and wet the floor. Use a cloth or paper that can soak the liquid up. This should make for an easy cleaning process later on. The odor can also be pretty smelly. So open the windows or ventilation inside the bathroom.3. Put on glovesRubber gloves provide great protection for your hands. Toilets can have many germs and it is necessary to choose long gloves that reach your elbows. Once you are done, you need to wash the gloves thoroughly using disinfectant so they can be clear from any germ.

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