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How to unblock an outside drain

When flushing the toilet you might have water come all the way to the top, spill over the toilet, or suck back down lower than the water would normally be. This is a sign the outside drain is blocked and needs your attention immediately.
The first thing you would want to do is plunge the toilet right after you hit the flush handle. Wait a few minutes and flush it again. If the water is still not going to the right levels then you are ready to proceed outside to the main drain.
Carefully remove the drain cover and set it aside. If the water is almost to the top then the clog is down in the water. Take a long handle plunger and make sure the end is tight. Put it down in the water and locate the drain hole. Once it has been located the key is going to be adding suction so the clog can work its self-loose. Push down on the drain then move back and forth quickly. This will have to be done for about a minute. If done properly you will notice the water starting to go down in the drain.
Once the water has drained there will be some pretty disgusting things left behind. This will all need removed and thrown away. Otherwise you will find yourself back outside doing this all once again.
Before putting your tools back up go in the house and flush the toilet. If it fills back up to the proper levels then you have successfully removed the clog. Go back outside cover the drain back up with the cover and put all tools away. This is how to unclog a blocked outside drain Dagenham without calling a professional to come help.

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